SAWL Pressure Pipe

Product Details

1. Product specification:
O.D.: Ф406.4MM~Ф1422.4mm(16-56in)
Length: 3M~12.3m 
W.T.: 8MM~50mm (apply to simple carbon steel, Low carbon alloy steel);
Product Standards: ASTMA515 B55/B60/B65, ASTMA516 B55/B60, ASTMA672, ASTMA671,DIN2458, DIN1626,
                   DIN17172, DIN2463, DIN17175, EN10210, EN10217, EN10025, EN10027, EN10029 etc.
Assurance: API/ISO quality system. SGS, DNV, BV, Moody third party inspection welcomed
Annual Output: 150000 tons

2. Application:Used as oxygen, water, and oil delivery pipe in oil and natural gas industry, seashore, ground construction, power station etc.

3. Characteristics:
    The pipe internal stress is very small and uniformly distributed after the fulL-length expansion. The corrosion and cracking of the pipe owing to stress can be effectively prevented. The application of welding on site is very easy because of the high dimension precision;The inside and outside welding are performed after tack welding, so the welding process is very  stable with good weld quality;The NDT is easy to perform on the weld during production and field operation as well;The length of the weld is shorter than that of the non-longitudinal seam pipe, so the probability of  defects occurrence is very low;The coverage of the pipe specification is very wide. The pipe can be either in large diameter with thick wall or in small diameter with thick wall.

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