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Inspection center 

Process document

Technology and technological assurance

The produce and inspection technological process of our steel pipe is arranged according to API 5L, ASTM and GB/T9711, and we have carried technological amelioration according to producing standard of higher-grade gas transmitting pipeline. 

We have the ability of produce high quality transmitting pipeline from the respect of manufacture and inspection equipment. Before pipes every batch produce, we always carry out strictly technological test and judgment; and according to the result through optimization to determine the technological parameters of pipe produce, ensure to produce high quality product.

And then distribute to every post of produce and inspection according to the technological process .And then draws up technological parameters and operate method of every post to guide production. 

In the produce process of steel pipe we strictly examine and supervise the executive state of technology discipline, take correction and prevention measure in case some problem was founded. We check this according to quality system of our company to ensure strictly carry out technological discipline and ensure the quality of product.

Inspection assurance

Our company establishes professional inspection organization; take charge of the quality inspection of all process from raw material into the company to the final product store up. 

After the raw material Steel plate or steel strip come to us, we will cut the sample and retest. The steel pipe produced has gone on 100% inside seam inspection, 100% X-ray inspection; 100% hydrostatic test (the hydrostatic test use seal and minimum blend area) 100% outside visual inspection (embrace inside and outside weld seam and raw material.) 

The laboratory of our company equipped with advanced inspection equipment such as imported Pike direct reading spectrum instrument and digital tensile testing machine, so can take precise chemical analysis and mechanical property to product, and online-ultrasonic test equipment and X-ray inspection equipment may take 100% non-destructive test to product. Auto hydrostatic record instrument can ensure to test the pressure and stay pressure according to specified pressure and time of every pipe. 

Each inspection process has a responding engineer to supple guide and technological consult. All the inspect personnel has take professional training. The technician of non-destructive test all has the profession certificate. From the personnel to equipment, we can guarantee carry out strictly quality inspection to product so as to ensure the quality of product comply with the standard.

Quality assurance system

Our company carries out the quality management in all company, and establishes quality system according to GB/T19001-ISO9001 and API QI standard of American Petroleum Institute and CE quality systems. In the quality manual of company, strictly control and good inspection the management responsibility, quality system, purchasing, control of process, inspection and testing which total of more than 20 processes. We ensure every quality active comply with standard program, every work spot work according to work standard. In the process of inspection, strictly record, carry out the tracing policy of a voice following a pipe, made all the inspection record has good tracing function in all the production process.