Welding Guide Mechanism Of A API LSAW Steel Pipe

1 Introduction
API LSAW steel pipe is a treaty 12 meters long seam welded pipe production API LSAW steel pipe, in the past, the production of 6 2 meter long pipe joint investment of expensive JCOE/UOE or RB, and I use simple welding method, the welding guide mechanism of a API LSAW steel pipe the balance can support the stability of welding steel pipe, and can be matched with various specifications of steel pipe welding guide roller groove change different, flexible adjustment of welding bead straightness, achieved a certain economic benefits.

2 Welding guide mechanism and equipment
API LSAW steel pipe welding guide mechanism is an important part of the welding method of production equipment, the equipment as shown in the diagram.
The welding guide mechanism comprises a base, a cantilever beam and a guide wheel assembly, a cantilever beam is a support, one end of the cantilever beam with adjustable weight block, the other end is inserted into the machine in the car. The car into the end of welding welding wire feeding head, and is fixed with a guide wheel assembly. The guide wheel assembly is composed of a guide roller bracket, removable and adjustable handle its function: when welding steel pipe supporting balance stability, the role of the two: with the welding groove of various specifications of steel pipe, flexible welding according to the different guide roller groove angle change different, can also adjust the bead straightness. The wire in the other end cantilever counterweight block under the help of ERW in car welding machine.

3 Conclusion
With the welding guide mechanism of welding dolly API produced by LSAW steel pipe, without the circumferential weld, improve the production rate of the product, the whole steel pipe welding stress decreased, improve the manufacturing quality of welded pipe, and also reduces the workload of usage of welding materials and nondestructive testing, so that product manufacturing cost reduction, while reducing the amount of labor workers in the manufacturing process of steel tube, use cost down. If the annual production of API LSAW steel pipe1 million tons, the welding cost savings of about 3000000 yuan car method.