The Progress In SSAW Steel Pipes Welding Technology

The Progress In SSAW Steel Pipes Welding Technology

With the continuing improvement in quality of hot rolled coils and the progress in pipe-processing equipment and technology, the quality of spirally welded pipes was enhanced rapidly.

SSAW pipes performed well in the trunk pipelines in China and Canada without serious quality and safety problems, and so their high ratio of performance against cost has been increasingly recognized by customers.

SSAW pipes not only recovered their previously lost market shares but also see their scope of applications expand. United States, India and Europe, which previously did not use SSAW pipes in the trunk pipelines for oil and gas distribution, now do so. For instance, of the three X80 natural gas long-distance pipelines constructed in recent years, more than 70% are made of X80 SSAW pipes. Some of them even have the design coefficient of 0.8, which lifts the standard of stress tolerance.

The technology of low stress forming, residual stress control, pipe end expanding and nondestructive testing, as well as the adoption of high toughness welding wire and welding flux have significantly improved the quality of domestically produced spirally welded pipes. The first successful pressure test of the west section of the Line 2 of West-East Natural Gas Distribution Project is to have great impact on the global oil and gas pipe industry.

The SSAW pipes produced in China not only satisfy domestic demand but also are exported in large volume.