The Knowledge On Steel Storage

The Knowledge on Steel Storage

1. Choose suitable sites and warehouses

1) The warehouse using for keeping steel area should be clean, smooth drainage, away from the factories produce harmful gases or dust. removing weeds and all the stuff on the ground to keep steel clean

2) The steel in the warehouse shall not be piled up with the cement steel with corrosive materials such as acid, alkali, salt. Different varieties of steel should be stacked to prevent confusion, to prevent contact corrosion

3) Large steel, steel, steel plates, large diameter steel pipe, forgings, etc. can be piled up in the air

4) Small and medium steel, wire rod, steel, steel pipe, steel wire and the wire rope and so on can be in a well-ventilated heat storage, but it must be covered with straw

5) Some small steel, sheet metal, steel, silicon steel sheet, small or thin wall steel tube, all kinds of cold rolled and cold drawn steel as well as the metal products with high price and easy to corrosion should be put in storage

6) The warehouse should be selected according to the geographical conditions, generally adopt ordinary closed warehouse, and it refers to that the warehouse with the roof walls, doors, windows and a ventilation device.

7) The warehouse should pay attention to the ventilation, and to notice closed moistureproof in rainy days, often keep appropriate storage environment


2. Reasonable stacking

1) The stacking principle is that under the condition of the solid pallet and ensure safety, do pallet according to the varieties, specifications, variety of materials to pallet, respectively, to prevent confusion and corrosion

2) Forbidden to place corrosion products near the steel

3) The bottom of the stack should be high, solid, smooth, prevent material be affected with damp or deformation

4) The same material in warehouse stacking respectively, to implement the principle of advanced starts

5) The steel that open-air stacking should be pad with wood or stone, and keep the crib slightly tilted to facilitate drainage, and pay attention to material placed flat, prevent caused by bending deformation

6) Stacking height with artificial work no more than 1.2m, and mechanical work no more than 1.5m, and the crib is not more than 2.5m wide

7) The certain channels between pile and pile should have, check way is about 0.5m, and the access depending on the material size and transport machinery, generally 1.5 ~ 2.0m

8) The pile bottom should be high, if the warehouse to the cement ground facing sun, the pad height to be 0.1m; if for mud, pad height 0.2~0.5m;.If the open area, cement floor mat height 0.3~0.5m, sand and mud surface mat high 0.5 ~0.7m

9) the angle steel and box iron deposited in the open air, the mouth should facing down, joist steel should be put standing to avoid water accumulation of rust


3. The packaging and covering layer to protect materials

Coating preservative material or other steel mills before they leave the factory after plating and packaging, this is one of the important measures to prevent rusting material, in the process of transportation, loading and unloading must pay attention to protect, not damage, can prolong the duration of material

1. Keep the warehouse clean and strengthening material maintenance

1) Material in front of the library should pay attention to prevent rain or mixed with impurities, the materials have been in the rain or stain in according to its characteristics adopt different methods to wipe, such as high hardness of steel wire brush are available, and the lower hardness of cloth, cotton, etc.

2) Material storage should be regularly check, if there are any corrosion, rust layer shall be removed

3) After general steel removal within the net, do not need to coat oil, but for high-quality steel, alloy steel sheet, thin wall pipe, alloy steel, etc., after cleaning the inside and outside surface must be coated rust-proof oil before storage

4) To the severe corrosion of steel, after the cleaning is unfavorable and long-term preservation, should use as soon as possible