The Category And Application Of High-quality Carbon Structural Steel

The Category and Application of High-quality Carbon Structural Steel

High-quality carbon structural steel is also known as quality steel. It is mainly used for the manufacturing of machinery parts and components.

1. 15Mn-25Mn steel, used in the manufacturing of the central part with the high demand of mechanical properties and carburized parts.

2. 30Mn-35Mn steel, mainly used to manufacture screw, nut, screw lever, brake pedal, etc. And also can manufacture the small parts which working under the high stress by cold drawn, such as agricultural machinery on the hook, ring, chain, etc.

3. 40Mn-45Mn steel, used in the manufacture of parts under fatigue load, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, etc.; Also can be used as screw, nut, etc. which work under the high stress.

4. 50 mn - 55 mn steel, used in the manufacture of the parts with high abrasive resistance and heat treatment, such as gear, gear shaft and friction wheel, roller and spring.

5. 60Mn-70Mn steel, used in the manufacture of springs and plough share, etc.

6. 08 and 08F steel sheet used for rolling, deep drawing products, oil drum, senior enamel products, can also be used to make the pipe, gasket and the core parts do not have high requirement of carburizing and cyanide, welding electrode, etc.

7. 10 and 10F steel, in less than 4mm cold deep drawing products, such as deep drawing vessels and artillery projectile. Also can make boiler pipe, lid of oil barrels and steel strip, steel wire, welding parts, machinery parts.

8. 15 and 15F steel, used in the manufacture of carburizing, fastening parts, punching die on the mechanical parts, and the low load components which do not need heat treatment, such as bolt, screw, flange, chemical machinery with reservoir, steam boiler, etc.

9. 20 steel, used for all kinds of machinery parts which do not undergo great stress and require the toughness, such as rod, shaft sleeve, screw, lifting hook, etc.; can also be used to manufacture the pipe, tube, etc. in the anti-corrosive medium under the barometric pressure of 60 450 ; can also be used for the carburized and cyanide parts of the core parts with small strength, such as bushings, chain roller, shaft and the unimportant gear, sprocket, etc.

10. 25 steel, used for hot forging and hot stamping machinery parts, metal cutting machine tool parts, cyanide and heavy and the connectors, gaskets, bolts, nuts, etc. with not large axial load in machinery manufacturing, and it also can be used as a steel casting.

11. 30 steel, used for hot forging and hot stamping machine parts, cold wire drawing, heavy duty and general mechanical shaft, tie rod, thimble, and casting machinery, such as cylinder, steam turbine frame, rolling mill frame and parts, machine tool fixture and the flywheel, etc.

12. 35 steel, used to make hot forging and hot stamping machine parts, cold drawing and cold heading steel, parts of the seamless steel tubes and the components and casting in machinery manufacturing, forging machine for production of heavy and medium-sized machinery, reducer shaft, shaft, compressor cylinder can be used to cast turbine fuselage, flywheel and equalizer.

13. 40 steel, used in the manufacture of machine parts, such as roller, shaft, connecting rod, disc, etc. And the axle of the train, can also be used for cold wire drawing, steel plate, steel strip, seamless tube, etc.

14. 45 steel, used to make the parts of the steam turbine, compressor, pump; can also be in place of carburizing steel manufacturing spare parts such as gear, shaft, piston pin; and can be used for castings.

15. 50 steel, used in the manufacture of the parts which require high wear resistance, dynamic load, and the small impact, such as casting gear, tie rod, roll, etc.; manufacturing the secondary springs, farm machinery plough share, heavy load of the spindle and shaft etc., and can manufacture castings.

16. 55 steel, used in the manufacture of connecting rod, roller, gear, flat springs, rims, flange, etc., also can make the casting.

17. 60-65 steel, used in the manufacture of spring, spring coil, all kinds of washer, clutch, and manufacture of general mechanical shaft, rolling roll, eccentric shaft, etc.

18. 70-85 steel, used in the manufacturing of the springs, and manufacturing the wire rope and steel wire and machine parts with high hardness, such as plough, huasheng, trolley wheels, etc.