Technical Standard For Thin - Walled LSAW Steel Pipe

  Technical standard for thin - walled LSAW steel pipe

  Many of the world's leading high-rise use of stainless steel water main pipeline. The communication tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is the fourth highest communications tower in the world and uses a 304 stainless steel pipe and a high-pressure Victaulic connector to supply water to a 421-meter building.

  High-rise water supply system working pressure is generally greater than 0.6Mpa; pipe pressure requirements are higher. Plastic pipe for the water supply system operating pressure are less than this value, can not be competent; composite pipe two kinds of material expansion coefficient is different, such as bonding is not strong or when the temperature change is easy to produce separation; thin-walled copper tube pressure up to 5.9 Mpa; and thin-walled LSAW steel pipe due to excellent mechanical properties, can withstand high water pressure, up to 10Mpa above, especially for high-rise water supply. Calculation formula of LSAW steel pipe

  LSAW steel pipe component accounting: kg / m = (outer diameter - wall thickness) * wall thickness * 0.02466.

  As the LSAW steel pipe in the welding production, all kinds of materials, wall thickness and welding speed required for welding heat is different, and steel pipe welding, the optimal amount of heat required for welding fluctuations range is very narrow. Developers to provide the welding temperature control components only from its laboratory in the conventional steel, at the set welding speed of the experimental data obtained by induction analysis, made control components available to customers.