Selection Of Pipes In Interior Design

The health of pipes

Water is the source of life, the person's survival cannot live without water. The development of human society will naturally attaches great importance to the rational utilization of water resources. The pipeline engineering history is very long, the flourishing of the Roman empire had a drainage system. And the old water mill irrigation benefit the Chinese nation thousands of years. But in the modern sense of the urban pipeline engineering, began with the invention of electricity. We adopt the electricity to make the water pump, that makes the residential buildings possible.

With the progress of social productivity, "health" and "security" is the most attaches great importance to the two themes of the modern people, and the water quality of drinking water and the security of the water pipe have become the focus of attention. From the point of quality assurance, water companies to produce up to standard drinking water and delivered to the families by water supply pipeline, but the traditional pipeline system mainly used metal pipe material, such as galvanized steel pipe. The secondary pollution problems has unresolved for a long time, and the terminal of the drinking water quality is difficult to guarantee. Why metal pipe can't guarantee the water quality, and will produce secondary pollution? This is mainly due to the metal pipe nature, easy to rust, corrosion, easy to leakage, easy to scale, and these can be seen as four Achilles' heel of metal tube. Once the galvanized steel pipe in the iron react with oxygen in the air or water, pipeline will rust both inside and outside, and create the conditions for microbial contamination of the pipeline running water, these bacteria in polluted water like invisible killer, constantly threaten our health. For nearly 10 years, some developed countries abroad have been established successively legislation or industry regulations banning the use of galvanized steel pipe as the water delivery pipe, and put forward comprehensive use to plastic pipe as the main body which is not rust, no corrosion, no leakage, no scale of high quality green tubes, fundamentally solve the water problem of secondary pollution in pipeline system.


Prominent health performance makes the new plastic and plastic composite architectural water supply pipe material, such as polyethylene pipe (PE), polypropylene (PP), polybutylene (PB) and aluminous model multiple tube (PAP), rapidly developed in recent years in our country, especially in various areas in terms of architectural water supply pipe disabled after galvanization steel tube, and the sales increase rapidly. Due to the performance of the new type of plastic pipe that the traditional steel pipe does not have, so in building water supply system using the new plastic pipe instead of galvanization steel tube has become a trend, and it is irreversible. As the new plastic pipe usage gradually strengthened and constantly learn the good comprehensive performance of the new plastic pipe, the prevalence rate of this kind of product also greatly improved. According to the ministry of construction department predicts in the year 2015, 85% of residential use will adopt the national new pipes plastic pipe, and basically eliminate the traditional cast iron pipe. 85% of the building service pipe, hot water supply and heating tube using will adopt the plastic pipe. Urban water supply pipeline basically eliminate the galvanized steel pipe, and the diameter below 400mm, 80% using plastic pipe, 90% of the rural water supply pipeline adopts plastic pipe.