Seamless Steel Pipe What Do You Know?

Seamless steel pipe is what do you know?

Overview of seamless steel tubes

Seamless steel pipe is the name of the steel pipe is no gap.

Seamless steel pipe is a hollow section, the surrounding no seam of the round, square, rectangular pipe.

Seamless steel pipe is made of steel ingot or solid tube through the perforated tube, and then made by hot rolling, cold or cold.

Seamless steel pipe with hollow section, a large number of pipes used for conveying fluid, seamless steel and round steel and other solid steel compared to the same flexural strength, the weight is light, is an economic section of steel, widely used in Manufacturing structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, car drive shaft, bicycle frame and construction scaffolding in steel and so on.

What is above is a seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe overview. Our company can produce the outer diameter of 10mm-426mm, wall thickness 1mm-80mm seamless tube, according to customer requirements thermal expansion diameter 219mm-1020mm, wall thickness of 6mm-60mm within a variety of non-standard steel pipe welcome new and old customers to Buy negotiate.