Seamless Steel Pipe Is Very Necessary To Do Some Testing

The temperature of the hot-rolled seamless steel pipe product is very high and the surface of the rolled steel sheet is covered with iron oxide. For some of the surface requirements of relatively high products, through a way to remove the surface of the iron oxide skin to improve the surface quality. This time will pick up.

Pickling is a way to clean the surface of seamless steel tubes, the surface of the oxide scale and some rusty dirt, etc., can be removed by pickling.

Seamless steel pipe is very necessary to do some testing

Seamless steel pipe for magnetic particle testing or penetration testing, which can effectively find the surface of seamless steel pipe cracks, folding, heavy skin, hairline, pinholes and other surface defects. In addition, for ferromagnetic materials, magnetic powder detection method should be preferred, mainly because it has a relatively high detection sensitivity; and for non-ferromagnetic materials, such as stainless steel seamless steel pipe, then you need to use penetration testing.

Seamless steel pipe when the two ends of the reserve margin is relatively small, because the structure of the detection device, making the two ends sometimes not effective detection. But here we want to know is that the end is the most likely to exist cracks or other defects in the site. If there is a potential crack tendency in the end, then the heat of the welding at the time of installation is so great that the potential crack is widened. Therefore, we must pay attention to the seamless steel pipe after welding the relevant area of the detection, so that the steel pipe defects can be found in the expansion of the situation.

For the use of austenitic seamless steel pipe, when the insulation layer is damaged or there may be rainwater infiltration of the site, need to pay attention to the penetration test, so you can find stress corrosion cracking or pitting and other defects.

On the surface defects of seamless steel pipe to a certain knowledge of the first introduced here, if you want to know other knowledge of seamless steel pipe, please continue to pay attention!