Seamless Steel Pipe Is Not As Heavy As Imagined

In everyone's minds mentioned the seamless steel pipe or seamless steel pipe, subconscious will feel heavy heavy plumbing heavy plumbing. But in fact, although seamless steel pipe is not very lightweight, but not so heavy.

Because seamless steel pipe is a kind of long section steel with hollow section and no seam around. Seamless steel pipe as an economical use of steel, the inside of his pipe is not solid casting, in the interior of the seamless steel pipe, there is a part of the high altitude. That is to say, some parts of the original steel, into a hollow cross-section. This will surely make the pipeline, its own weight to reduce a lot.

With the rapid development of China's economy, urbanization is becoming more and more common. With the city will be high-rise buildings in the building, all problems are constantly increasing. Sewage treatment is one of the major problems in urban construction. Every day, urban areas produce more sewage due to industrial production and people's daily life. The sewage will go through the city's sewage pipe to be processed. In the construction of environmental management projects, sewerage systems often occupy a larger proportion of investment. The pipes used in the sewerage system are not ordinary steel pipes, but seamless steel pipes because only the seamless steel pipes can meet the requirements of the sewage system.

Seamless steel pipe corrosion resistance is very good, because the seamless link in the processing sector will be its corrosion resistance testing. Is the pipe into the acidic solution for performance testing. This will satisfy the discharge of acid or alkaline substances in the effluent. Thus ensuring the safety of urban drainage system and the normal operation of all aspects of the city.