Quality Problems Of Seamless Steel Pipe Dewatering System

  Quality Problems of Seamless Steel Pipe Dewatering System

  With the vigorous development of the domestic real estate market, especially the villa real estate project blossom everywhere, metal falling water system as a new high-grade building materials to the rapid spread of the one hand, metal water system with its high-end beautiful and rich color characteristics of the replacement of PVC On the other hand, seamless steel pipe PVC water system because of its own aging deformation, poor process and other quality problems in the first-tier cities have gradually withdrawn, the metal water system has become the basic components of the villa products.

  The rapid development of the metal falling water system, like all the emerging products, on the one hand to bring the industry a new choice, on the other hand also produced an urgent need to improve the quality of the problem!

  From the current terms, probably have the following several prominent problems or hidden dangers:

  First, the cornice structure, roof tile, metal water system design, seamless steel pipe between the three lack of effective docking, resulting in some of the project in accordance with the design of the cornice and roof tile, can not properly install the metal water system, or forced to install Take special measures, which led to the rain can not be effectively brought together, resulting in rain waterfalls, eaves, installation is not reliable and other quality problems.

  Second, the roof waterproofing problem, many real estate projects are not set in the cement roof waterproof or effective waterproof, in the roof tile damage or roof tarpaulin itself seepage, the direct result of rain leakage to the cement roof, and then accumulated in the cement cornice can not enter Metal gutter, resulting in serious urn phenomenon; we found in some projects, seamless steel pipe with a drill drill in the cornice, there is rain poured out!

  Third, the embedded PVC pipe and metal rain pipe docking problems, balcony, rooftop and other embedded PVC pipe, because its location design is not a comprehensive consideration of the problem of centralized emissions, resulting in embedded PVC pipe and metal pipe is difficult to effectively docking , Leading to complex riser direction, affecting the aesthetic and drainage quality, or in the metal pipe and PVC pipe docking with a large number of sealant seal caused by leakage of hidden dangers!

  Fourth, the grout joints leaking, metal water system sealant seal the quality of the high requirements, many of the installation of the company because of the lack of adequate quality awareness and experience in order to save cost of cheap sealant or unqualified installers , Or the lack of common sense of the construction technology of the sealant, jerry-building lead to the gutter of water leakage become inevitable.

  Fifth, the product discoloration or deformation, there are found some of the installation of the metal fell into the water system project, less than three years, the product has a serious fade or skin, gutter sagging or serious tilt, or even falling at high altitude; Are due to low-cost competition or non-professional market participants in the intentional inadvertent erosion of the metal into the water system of the original excellent quality