LSAW Steel Pipe High Welding Productivity

LSAW steel pipe is a professional expression term for straight seam submerged arc welded steel pipe. Submerged arc welding (including buried arc surfacing and electroslag welding, etc.) is a kind of arc in the flux layer under the welding method of welding. Its inherent welding quality is stable, welding productivity is high, no arc light and so few dust, etc., make it a pressure vessel, pipe section manufacturing, box beam and other important steel structure in the production of the main welding method. Although there have been many kinds of efficient, high-quality new welding methods, but the application of submerged arc welding is still not affected. From a variety of welding methods of the proportion of the proportion of deposited metal weight, submerged arc welding about 10%, and for many years has been little change.

When the welding wire is determined (usually depending on the welded steel), the matching flux becomes a key material, which directly affects the mechanical properties of the weld metal (especially plasticity and low temperature toughness), crack resistance, weld defect rate And welding productivity. The weight ratio of welding wire and flux is wire: flux = 1.1 ~ 1.6, depending on the type of welding joint, the type of flux used, welding specification parameters. Compared with the flux, the amount of sintered flux is more economical, about 20% less.

China's use of flux in about 50,000 tons fluctuations, of which 70% is about melting flux, more than non-melting flux. Europe and the United States industrial developed countries to non-smelting-based flux, about 80%, 90% or more, but there are still smelting flux production and sales, melting flux this lasting productivity and its inherent characteristics.

LSAW steel pipe main features:

1) The steel pipe has a longitudinal weld, inside and outside the weld are used a submerged arc welding into. In the case of

2) Through the whole mechanical expansion of the pipe, the steel pipe internal stress is small and uniform distribution, which can effectively prevent the stress corrosion cracking, high dimensional accuracy, easy on-site welding construction. In the case of

3) the use of pre-welding precision welding process, the welding process is stable, high quality weld. In the case of

4) weld easy to achieve the production process of nondestructive testing and use of the field of non-destructive testing review. In the case of

5) product specifications range, can produce small diameter, large wall thickness can also produce large diameter, thick wall of the steel pipe.