How To Distinguish Between Seamless Steel Pipe And Thermal Expansion Pipe

How to distinguish between seamless steel pipe and thermal expansion pipe: In the appearance of steel pipe, thermal expansion is red, inside diameter is lead powder. Thermal expansion of a pipe processing, small diameter pipe is processed into large diameter steel pipe. Thermal expansion pipe is slightly worse than hot-rolled steel pipe mechanical properties.

We often say that thermal expansion pipe refers to the density is relatively low but very strong contraction of the pipe, (seamless steel pipe) can be referred to as thermal expansion pipe. With oblique or drawing method to expand the pipe diameter of a shortage of pipe finishing process. In a relatively short period of time to make steel pipe thickening, can produce non-standard, special type of seamless pipe, and low cost, high production efficiency, is the current trend of the international rolling field.

Remaining Analysis of seamless steel pipe

In the seamless steel pipe manufacturing plant for a variety of reasons will bring the magnetic steel pipe, seamless steel pipe remanence mainly due to: process magnetic and induction magnetic. Induction of magnetic often occur in the factory management aspects: For example, the metal smelting often used electromagnetic crane for loading and unloading, stainless steel tube in a strong magnetic field stop, using magnetization method to complete non-destructive inspection (with steel magnetic anomaly detection of non-destructive testing before Steel magnetization), steel power lines near the towering and so on. Among them, the magnetization non-destructive inspection mainly refers to the eddy current testing, eddy current testing equipment easy to operate, easy to grasp, if used properly, to detect the human part of the steel pipe defects. Is visual, ultrasonic, hydrostatic test several kinds of steel pipe testing an indispensable non-destructive testing means. Process magnetic often occurs in the assembly and welding operations and the use of magnetic clamps, clamps and vertical flow of electric welding pipe, such as: a long time to contact the DC power supply connected to the wire bare or welding clamp and pipe short circuit .