How To Better Keep Screw Pump Oil Productivity

The world's most common screw pump is pumping mechanical recovery method, and the most common problem is that the pump can't completely full, cause low productivity, the pump is not completely filled because of the pump capacity is greater than the well production or the poor gas separation at the entrance of the pump suction, part of the pump rate suffer indignities interference and loss, if to eliminate the influence of gas in the pump and control the running time of the pump, the pump displacement match the amount of fluid flow into the bottom hole, can improve efficiency and reduce cost. Keep the screw pump oil productivity of specific practices are as follows:


1. should carry on the acoustic liquid level measurement, determine the relative depth of the production level and the pump inlet. If the liquid level is higher than the pump inlet, it is impossible to mining with the maximize production. If the gas interference affect yield, liquid level is higher than the pump inlet; If it is a large amount of smoke leads to low productivity, the liquid level should be at the entrance to the pump suction or nearby.

2. using indicator to meter pump coefficient percentage, adopt integrated data acquisition system to obtain the motor power and indicator data at the same time. Indicator diagram is one of the main purposes to diagnose how the pump runs and analyze the downhole problems. Adopt the liquid level measurement combining with indicator diagram can know well whether with maximum yield production, the liquid column height is higher than the depth of the pump inlet and pump is not completely full and free gas is upward along the casing annulus migration.

3. diagnosis of low efficiency Wells. Diagnosis method is to determine the total efficiency of pumping system, and to determine the total efficiency only need to measure the input of prime mover, the production pressure of the bottom hole pressure and the precise production test data. Generally the total efficiency of beam pumping system should be around 50%, if less than this, its performance should be improved. Improve the overall efficiency of technology including high volumetric efficiency and to change big motor.

4. downhole gas separation. Invalid pump operation is often caused by the gas, it can be diagnosed with acoustic liquid level measurement and indicator diagram. It is best to put the pump suction below the fluid layer, if placed above, the gas separator should be used. If the seat sub arrangement in fluid into the layer section at the bottom of the following at least 10ft, effective gas separation can occur in the ring air, casing external separator's role at this time. But well conditions is often not promised pump in fluid into the layer below, consider using downhole gas separator. Conventional gas separator from fluid entering the part (such as perforating nipple), outer barrel (such as the bottom of the fuel pipe plug) and pump liquid seal at the bottom of the tube.

5. control pump capacity, can be controlled by adjusting the four parameters: plunger size, length of stroke, pump speed and daily running time. Because of the big cost of equipment, usually don't change the pump with unsuitable size. The simplest approach is to change the ground equipment configuration, such as moving beam bars to change the ground and the pump stroke length; Followed by the change of the motor pulley to control the speed of pump. Pump volume and the matching problem of well productivity can be achieved by changing the operation time, and the following devices can be used to control the running time: empty pump controller, interval timer and percentage timer. If empty pump controller detects no full stop pump in pump. The timer control pump operation time, relatively cheap and simple operation. The duration of the stop pump should be short to the bottomhole producing pressure rise no more than 10% of the reservoir pressure. Operators can use 45min for the sound waves, each well indicator meter measurement, such as to determine the well productivity, downhole pump dynamic and downhole gas separator, the dynamic of the sucker rod and beam pumping unit load and the dynamic of the motor. Through the 45min analysis, the operators can maximize the well production and reduce the operation cost.