Hot-rolled Seamless Steel Pipe, Which Is The Cold Process

  Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, which is the cold process

  The main differences between the two are as follows:

  1. Hot rolling is rolled in the recrystallization temperature, which is rolled under recrystallization temperature.

  2. Cold rolling will also have heating, but the temperature is relatively low, because the cold rolling will produce hardening, if the material for the molding requirements are relatively high, but also to be annealed.

  3. Cold-rolled and hot-rolled is generally a plate or profile, and cold-drawn is generally cylindrical cross-section of wire. In addition, hot-rolled plate is generally high alloy content, high strength of steel, and cold-rolled is low carbon and low alloy steel, through cold rolling can improve the strength, to ensure the surface quality of materials.

  4. Cold drawn seamless steel tube and hot-rolled seamless steel tube difference and plate.

  Seamless steel tube is because of its different manufacturing processes, divided into hot-rolled (extruded) seamless steel tubes and cold (rolling) seamless steel pipe two.

  Cold (rolling) tube is divided into round pipe and special-shaped tube two kinds: cold drawn steel pipe generally need to pull, in each drawing between the corresponding stress annealing to ensure that the next cold draw smoothly. Cold-rolled seamless steel tubes are often small diameters, and hot-rolled seamless steel tubes are often of large diameter. The precision of cold-rolled seamless steel tube is higher than that of hot-rolled seamless steel tube. Cold-drawn seamless pipe general caliber is small, mostly under 127mm, especially the cold drawn seamless pipe outside diameter is very high precision, cold-drawn seamless pipe length generally shorter than hot-rolled seamless pipe. Wall thickness of cold drawn seamless pipe than hot-rolled seamless pipe evenly.