API LSAW Steel Pipe Used In Deep Water


API LSAW steel pipe in deep water high pressure gas transmission pipeline in our country 

We allland steel pipe developed the 762 mm diameter submarine thick wall of fatigue resistance. Corrosion resistance API LSAW steel pipe has been successfully applied to China's first deep water and high pressure gas transmission project, the south China sea deep water gas pipeline, broke the long submarine pipeline with thick wall straight seam submerged arc welding pipe rely on imports. We have accumulated for the project of the south China sea to provide steel pipe 31500 tons and has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. 

To break the foreign enterprises of deep-sea API LASW steel pipe of monopoly, to realize localization of the deepwater pipeline straight seam submerged arc welding pipe in our country, We actively support the project team to south China sea, according to the international standard of submarine pipeline, undertake the research and development manufacture for use thick wall at the bottom of the project in south China sea fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance of straight seam submerged arc welding pipe. 

In the process of project development, we complete the system of alloy composition design, metallographic organization design and rolling process, solved a series of technical problems, formed the high strength, high toughness and excellent welding performance of underwater thick wall pipe steel integrated manufacturing technology. Bohai Equipment Company developed by this API LSAW steel pipe with excellent confined, anti-crack, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance ability, high technology content, in the international advanced level.