The Difference Between Seamless Steel Pipe And Welded Pipe

  The difference between seamless steel pipe and welded pipe

  Mainly different molding process. Ordinary steel pipes, such as tap water pipes, are usually welded by bending the plate, and you can find a weld on it; the thicker diameter is generally a spiral weld. The seamless steel pipe is generally the molten state of the molten steel through the annular slit out of the back and then by stretching and other processing technology molding, so there is no weld. In terms of performance, especially in the pressure capacity than ordinary steel pipe has greatly improved, so often used for high pressure equipment. Such as piping connections for hydraulic equipment. The ordinary steel pipe weld part of its weak links, weld quality is also affecting its overall performance of the main factors. People living in the north have generally had a water pipe or heating pipe in the winter was frozen explosion experience, the explosion is generally the place where the weld. The pipe is not a seamless pipe.

  Seamless steel pipe has a hollow section, a large number of pipes used for conveying fluid, such as the transmission of oil, natural gas, gas, water and some solid materials such as pipeline. Steel and round steel and other solid steel compared to the same bending strength, the weight is light, is an economic section of steel, widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, car drive shaft, bicycle Frame construction and steel scaffolds used in the construction of steel ring parts, can improve the utilization of materials, simplify the manufacturing process, saving materials and processing time, has been widely used to manufacture steel.