20 # Seamless Steel Pipe Is Not Necessary To Install The Casing

  20 # seamless steel pipe is not necessary to install the casing

  20 # seamless steel pipe in the production and use of the process there is no need to bring the casing? This issue in our company's public platform recently asked the number of times is more, Xiaobian need to be a simple answer. In fact there is no need to install the casing is due to the role of casing and installation of the decision, the following we look at a comprehensive look:

  The role of casing: a certain waterproof waterproof casing through the pool, 20 # seamless steel pipe outdoor wall; general casing is to prevent the hot and cold shrinkage caused by the life of the pipeline and anti-condensation along the wall water Need to add, which generally refers to the water pipes, hot water, heating and fire and other pipelines, for drainage and rainwater pipes if there is no special requirements (with waterproof requirements or anti-condensation, etc.), generally do not add.

  Wall casing, also known as the wall, waterproof casing, wall buried pipe, waterproof casing is divided into rigid waterproof casing and flexible waterproof casing. 20 # seamless steel pipe is mainly used in the same place, flexible waterproof casing is mainly used in the human defense walls, pools and other places require a high degree of rigid waterproof casing generally used in the basement and other pipelines need to wear pipe location.

  Flexible waterproof casing is suitable for the pipeline through the 45 # seamless steel pipe wall by the vibration or has a strict waterproof structure of the structure of the metal pipe fittings, the general production enterprises is based on the Institute of Building Science and Design S312,02S404 standard Atlas made. Flexible waterproof casing through the walls of the wall, in case of non-concrete should be used instead of concrete walls, and must be a solidification of the casing in the wall; flexible waterproof casing widely used in construction, chemical, 45 # seamless steel pipe, Water, sewage treatment and other units.