Polyurethane foam insulation pipeline

Product Details

Polyurethane foam insulation pipe is combined of high functionality polyether polyols, and formed after the chemical reaction.
Composition of the insulation pipe: 1. Steel pipe. 2. Polyurethane insulation. 3. High-density polyethylene

1. Feature: Light Weight, High strength, thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire retardant, cold resistance, anti corrosion, non water absorbent, easy installed, keep the temperature
2. Application: Widely used in the urban centralized heat supply, warm room, coal, petroleum, chemical and other industries, anti-corrosion insulation work.

Medium temperature 50-140centigrade
Working pressure < 1.6Mpa
Working lifetime 30-50years

3. Technology: (1) Advanced Corona treatment. (2) Impeller blasting. (3) Leakage alarm line

Standards CJ/T114-2000, CJ/T155-2001, EN253: 2003,
Advantages of the fireproof underground insulation pipe
(1) Good insulation properties, low heat loss (the 25% of traditional pipes),
(2) Energy saving
(3) Waterproof and corrosion resistance
(4) No trench, be directly buried in ground or water



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