FBE Anti-corrosion Coated Steel Pipes

Product Details

High quality LSAW steel pipe, spiral steel pipe, ERW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe coated material, FBE anti-corrosion steel pipe (single-layer FBE corrosion) steel pipe, 2FBE (double-layer anti-corrosion FBE) pipe internal &external
Sanding blast SA2.5
The Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coating system is an externally-applied thermosetting resin for pipe. It is applied in the form of a dry powder at thicknesses of 400-600 microns onto the heated surface of the steel pipe. Once applied and cured, the epoxy film exhibits an extremely hard surface with excellent adhesion to the steel surface.
End Cutting Beveled 30degree, cutback 20mm from end

Ends of treatment:
(1) Beveled ends
(2) Plain ends
(3) Protected with plastic caps
(4) Nylon strip around the coated pipes



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